Dear Lefties –

Here’s the difference between me and you:

I would never demand that the federal government confiscate a big chunk of your income and spend it on me.

I would never tell you what kind of insurance you’re allowed to buy.

If you own a business, I would never tell you what you must pay your employees or what benefits you must provide.

I would never demand that your schools force your kids to read books that promote my political beliefs.

I would never demand that you wear a worthless mask in public, or that you put those worthless masks on your kids. (I also wouldn’t try to stop you from putting masks on your kids, even though I consider it akin to child abuse.)

I would never prevent your doctor from prescribing a drug he or she believes could help you recover from COVID.

I would never prevent your pharmacist from filling that prescription.

If you own a business, I would never presume to tell you whether or not you’re allowed to keep it open.

I would never prevent you from patronizing a business, attending a concert, or getting on an airplane just because you don’t have a vaccine passport.

I would never demand that you risk the nasty side-effects of a COVID vaccine to make me feel a teensy bit safer.

You do all of the above. And yet in an era where pundits are constantly wringing their hands about the deep divisions among Americans, you think I’m the problem – because I won’t give in to your never-ending demands to control my income, my business, my travel, and my medical decisions.

If you’d really like us to get along, it’s simple: leave me the hell alone — as I do you.

42 Responses to “Dear Lefties: Want Us To Get Along? It’s Simple.”
  1. J says:

    They have no intention of leaving us alone, Tom. But I think you already know that. The government has it’s tentacles in every aspect of our life. And now they are squeezing. Hiding is no longer an option.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Agreed. I don’t see a path where this all resolves peacefully.

      • J says:

        Seems it would resolve “peacefully” if people stopped complying with any mask or vaccine or restriction mandate. Seems simple enough but we are a society of docile sheep.

        • Tom Naughton says:

          Coronahysteria has left me EXTREMELY disappointed in Americans and Australians. Given our histories, I viewed both populations as naturally skeptical of authority and a bit rebellious. Huge letdown to see how many obedient sheep live among us.

          • J says:

            That’s certainly my perception also but I am trying to stay cognizant of the fact that this is also a demoralization campaign. They want us to think no one is pushing back but some are pushing back. You perhaps have seen what’s going on with some airlines, and also some firehouses in NY, etc.
            Have people finally had enough? One can only hope. Will be interesting to see how this develops.

          • Tom Naughton says:

            Agreed. Apologies for the slow response. Since I no longer post regularly, I forget to regularly check for comments.

  2. Clint says:

    Instead of bringing us together, they are dividing us!
    None of this has anything to do with our health and well-being, it’s politics and they’re trying to control us and take away our freedom!
    I will not comply, I will not give into tyranny!
    God bless you Tom!

  3. AnneMarie Dodge says:

    Tom, just look at this SPIKED article. I am totally speechless! This type of thing is happening in the UK as well the USA. Where on earth do we go from here?

    • Tom Naughton says:

      We don’t go anywhere nice from here, I can tell you that. We can only hope that enough people become fed up with woke ideology to stop giving in to it — or throw those who do give in to it out of power for good.

  4. Steve says:

    Tom you never cease to amaze me. As mentioned.. well said!

  5. Zek says:

    Would so much like to be left the hell alone. Simply not possible with these demented Bolsheviks.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Nope, not possible. There’s no stopping point with these people. They never decide they’ve taken enough of your money and your freedom.

  6. The Older Brother says:


    I just came here hoping this blog still even existed so I could get a copy of Big Shoes. You might want to give a guy a heads up that you’re posting again, for chrissakes.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Heh-heh … announced it on Twitter, but of course that doesn’t do you any good.

      I wouldn’t say I’m posting again, at least not regularly.

  7. Mike says:

    It’s been a long time since I dropped into Fathead. I got busy living life, and I came looking today for a boost on the Keto side of life…. and I found this… and I am fairly certain that writing this kind of thing does not make you feel any better, just angry, isolated – and scared.

    I’m not a leftie (or anything at all for that matter), but I thought I’d toss a few comments. Some of the things you mention are not lining up.

    Since this is a long comment, I’ll reply within in italics.

    You said:
    I would never demand that the federal government confiscate a big chunk of your income and spend it on me.

    Comment: OK, I guess we should get rid public services like roads, etc?

    Roads aren’t spending money on ME. Roads are spending money on roads, and we necessarily don’t know who will drive on them. My issue with lefties is that they want handouts from other taxpayers, spend on them personally.

    No handouts to people who really need and deserve them (elderly, disabled, ex-military who are crippled in more ways than one?).

    No, I don’t want the federal government giving handouts to people, period. That should be reserved for the states to decide. Ex-military? Those are people who served the country and deserve the country’s support and gratitude.

    What about clean water? Too much to pay? Military? Police? Sanitation services?

    You’re just being ridiculous now. Protecting citizens (military, police) is a legitimate government function. Keeping the water clean is a legitimate government function. Picking up garbage is a legitimate government function. Again, that’s not government confiscating someone else’s income to spend on ME! in the form of welfare, “free” college, “free” medical care, etc.

    How about the enormous handouts handed big business in the form of tax abatements? (You and I pay for that!!). I live in Raleigh, NC – NC is real good about making sure big business is attracted here in the form of zero taxation for them. I worked for one of those companies. Thanks for the help of the good people of NC. I made great money and retired from full time work at the ripe old age of 54, all because the company was enticed to open up facilities in RTP. (I’d never move to California, too expensive). So where do you start? One sentence bitches don’t provide any grist for the idea mill.

    If you ever see me supporting federal handouts to business, be sure to let me know. As for tax breaks? Not taking someone’s money isn’t the same as giving them money.

    You said:
    I would never tell you what kind of insurance you’re allowed to buy.

    Comment: No one is telling you what to buy or cannot buy. No one. you got your wish! (I’m scratching my head on this one, what are you talking about?)

    Ever heard of this law nicknamed “ObamaCare” that told people they could no longer buy the high-deductible, lower-cost policies they preferred? Were you asleep when that happened?

    You said:
    If you own a business, I would never tell you what you must pay your employees or what benefits you must provide.

    Comment: I cannot disagree with a word here. The employment marketplace will dictate this to a business, as it should and does. Market forces are a cool thing. People making a fuss to shape these forces has been with us for a long time, and will continue to be here. You are the perfect example of such a voice.

    Glad we agree on something.

    You said:
    I would never demand that you wear a worthless mask in public, or that you put those worthless masks on your kids. (I also wouldn’t try to stop you from putting masks on your kids, even though I consider it akin to child abuse.)

    Comment: Where does this thinking come from? Next time you have a relative or yourself have a surgical procedure, will you insist the Doctor not wear a mask? Are they really worthless?

    Ask a surgeon. They don’t wear masks to prevent the transmission of viruses, because the masks don’t do that. They wear the masks to prevent sweat, skin flakes, saliva, whiskers, etc. from dropping into the patient.

    If you really think that this is ‘akin’ to child abuse, then not standing firm and fighting like hell against masking makes you an accessory to the crime at worst, and ambivalent to the crime of child abuse at best.

    I do fight mask mandates. I also refuse to wear a mask or patronize any business that requires masks.

    You said:
    I would never prevent you from patronizing a business, attending a concert, or getting on an airplane just because you don’t have a vaccine passport.

    Comment: I think that the marketplace will take care of this too. If the majority want a ‘passport’, then places that insist on having them will thrive and those that don’t will not. The market can do some amazing things!

    There are no free market forces at work when governments prohibit people from patronizing businesses unless they’re vaccinated, which is exactly what’s happening in many areas, and order businesses to refuse service to those who don’t provide proof of vaccination.

    Here is NC, they put an end to indoor smoking around 2005. Restaurant and Bar owners went nuts saying it would kill their business. It did not – in fact business increased dramatically because the environment was so much better for everyone. The proof is always in the pudding, and the thought of impeding doom is always worse than the reality.

    I’m still opposed to governments ordering restaurants to prohibit smoking sections.

    You said:
    I would never demand that you risk the nasty side-effects of a COVID vaccine to make me feel a teensy bit safer.

    You do all of the above. And yet in an era where pundits are constantly wringing their hands about the deep divisions among Americans, you think I’m the problem – because I won’t give in to your never-ending demands to control my income, my business, my travel, and my medical decisions.

    If you’d really like us to get along, it’s simple: leave me the hell alone — as I do you.

    Comment: Too many people would like to live in a little universe of their own making. We cannot live like this. We exist in a society. Why all of a sudden have people gotten completely out of control? It’s not a right or left question, it’s everyone. The adventure of driving down the road. No one drives like a leftie or rightie – they drive like idiots. Idiocy, stupidity and self centeredness has zero political affiliation.

    Yes, there are side-effects of the vaccine. I had some of the milder ones. (Moderna-arm after shot #1 and a bad day after shot #2) The side-effects of COVID are far worse. I’ve had friends die. Not many, but enough to get an up close and personal education.

    I’m sorry you’ve had friends die, but you cannot make a blanket statement that side-effects of COVID are worse. For most people, COVID amounts to a bout of the flu. The vaccines have caused blot clots, heart inflammation, partial paralysis and anaphylactic shock leading to sudden death in some people — all of which are listed by Pfizer as known side-effects in the information packet that comes with the vaccine. I’m pretty sure I’d rather have (and did have) what felt like mild flu than a blood clot or heart inflammation.

    800,000 people here – in your country – have died. More are lining up. The fear over side-effects appears to be irrational. But it is your choice, as are the consequences, be they good or bad.

    No, the fear over side-effects are not irrational. See above. Those are known side effects that even Pfizer admits happen. We have no way of knowing how many people are suffering those side-effects because the VAERS system is a mess. It’s perfectly rational to decide I’m not going to take even a tiny risk of stroke or sudden death to protect myself from a virus I know won’t kill me.

    I hope you realize the 800,000 figure is wildly exaggerated, thanks to counting anyone who died for any reason but also tested positive as a “COVID death.” Even if the figure is correct, that doesn’t change the fact that ordering people to wear masks is equivalent to ordering people to wear garlic around their necks. The purpose of the masks is to signal compliance, not to stop the virus.

    Like it or not what we do can have positive and negative consequences on others. I live in a place where there is an HOA. Since 2004, I’ve lived there. I read the agreement before I made an offer to buy. There are rules that a buyer will need to live with. If I do not like the rules I can move, but while I am here, I will live by them, happily, because we are a community and there are some standards.

    Voluntarily agreeing to live by an HOA’s rules isn’t the same as government ordering you to be fired if you don’t comply with a vaccine mandate. Not even close. You read an agreement and then offered to buy — you had a choice. You weren’t coerced.

    How would the conversation go around the family dinner table if you caught the bug and passed it on to others in the family or others? Some simple precautions (masks..) lower the possibility of a bad time.

    I did catch the bug … from a fully-vaccinated family member who caught it at a medical convention where she and everyone else was vaccinated, but COVID broke out anyway. Please tell me you’re aware that vaccines don’t stop the spread. They merely lessen the symptoms in those who are infected.

    And no, masks don’t prevent diddly.

    Community is why we immunize children and killers like Smallpox and Polio are now gone. It’s why Tetanus is rare. I don’t like vaccines. I don’t like masks. I certainly don’t like paying taxes. I don’t like driving at the crazy low speed limits in some neighborhoods. But I do my part, however small, to make the community I live in a little bit more tolerable.

    The difference is that the smallpox and polio vaccines actually prevent kids from contracting smallpox and polio. Have you heard of any kids needing a polio booster every six months?

    I think it might be good to take a step back and ask: will doing this really harm me? What impact might I have on others? We all live here.

    I’d ask you to do the same. Will vaccinating kids, who are at near-zero risk of COVID, actually stop the spread? No. Will it harm them? Absolutely. Some unknown percentage of them will suffer nasty effects. It’s already happening. Same goes for adults, which is why Joe Jackass Biden has no business ordering anyone to get vaccinated. If the vaccines are so wunnerful, wunnerful, wunnerful, then you have nothing to fear from people like me. If you do fear people like me, then you’re admitting the vaccines don’t actually protect you. Can’t have it both ways.

  8. Susan Clarke says:

    Seems like just another sad case of the anointed having convinced themselves they have the answer and we’re just not doing it hard enough.

  9. Kathy in OK says:

    So glad to “see” you again!

    My UNVACCINATED COVID experience:

    On 12/1 I visited the doctor for a diagnosis on my shoulder pain. SIL was recovering from rotator cuff surgery and I just wanted confirmation that I wasn’t going down that path. (Just arthritis, old joints)

    PA said my temp was elevated, let’s test you for COVID. Okay. Positive for COVID. I had no idea I was sick and still can’t figure out where I was exposed.

    A day or two later I started to feel unwell, spent a couple of weeks feeling absolutely wretched, turned the corner and now I’m fine other than getting tired easier.

    I’m still confident in my decision to avoid the vaccine.

  10. Jane says:

    I discovered Fat Head a couple of days ago. I really enjoyed watching it (I actually purchased it instead of renting) and have been spending a few hours doing research and reading the writings of the scientists in the video. Their views on fat and cholesterol align with mine and I learned a lot more, too. Then I found this blog.

    What a disappointment that you just HAD to bring politics into everything. Yup, I’m a flaming leftie, because, to use your phrase, I have a brain. But man, what a disappointment to discover you’re some dimwit blowhard liar antivax conspiracy theorist. Why did you have to go there? Why didn’t you keep your fat mouth shut? You won’t get another dime from me.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I’m sorry you fail to realize bad politics are how we ended up with bad dietary policy, and therefore politics matters. On the other hand, it’s what I expect from flaming lefties, who leave logic at the door once their emotions are triggered. You’ve provided a perfect example.

      I write that I wouldn’t force you to take a vaccine with nasty side-effects that even Pfizer admits occur, and that triggers you to call me some dimwit blowhard liar antivax conspiracy theorist.

      I deeply offended you by writing a post saying for us to get along, you simply have to agree to leave me alone. Boy, did that ever get you pissed off.

      “You want me to leave you alone?! F-you! How dare you!”

      So thanks for proving the point. Yes, the divisions these days are deep. And you’re the reason why. The very idea that you should leave me alone pisses you right off. So of course we’ll never get along.

      I can manage quite well without your dimes, thank you.

      • Zek says:

        Jane, it’s hard not to bring up politics when a certain party tried to force vaccinations in order to keep my job, which allows me to continue feeding my family. I did submit a waiver, which was not processed because of an injunction against the mandate (which a certain party continues to fight). Yes this is political. They can go directly to hell, pls don’t stop at Go.

        Meanwhile a year later after the mandate, I have 2 young coworkers that have cancer, 1 coworker lost his father in law to a robust prostate cancer, 1 neighbor passed when a long dormant cancer returned and a family friend is dying from prostate cancer that suddenly spread everywhere. We will never know if individual cases were caused by monkeying around in their immune system with a spike sledgehammer, but let’s see if overall cancer rates did spike after vax rollout. Total numbers and time will tell that story.

        My daughter and daughter in law work are young nurses that were forced to vax and now would like to have children. Will they? Idk the impact of spike protein collecting in ovaries and neither does anyone else because impact wasn’t studied.

        In short we will not get along as I consider a certain political persuasion to be monsters of the highest order. We will not get along, nor will I forget. Ever.

        • Tom Naughton says:

          We’ve also seen three cases of new cancers among vaxxed relatives, all of which came about after the vax. That of course could be coincidence, but it’s a statistically unlikely cluster (no new cancers among my unvaxxed relatives, by the way) and I have my suspicions.

          Either way, the Janes of the world continue to be mortally offended that we expect them to simply leave us alone to make our own decisions. That’s why I’ll never “just get along” with lefties. To them, “get along” means “do what we tell you to do!”

  11. Ed says:

    Hi, I don’t consider myself a leftist, I’ll call myself a “mixed-race” type. 😉 I at least don’t want to pry into anyones life more than necessary. I think from other readings of yours I have the impression that you think States should be handling more of the Governing burden than the Fed. Taxes and such at least. I just want to know though: 1) Is it better to be robbed of your earnings by your State to fund programs than the Fed? Does that really make a difference? 2) States (even People’s Republic of NY and Cali) rely on Federal dollars to offset their own budgets and taxes burden. If that were flipped again what was gained. My unexpert opinion is actually that lack of understanding of issues is a large part of the ugliness of political discourse today. I know I don’t undertsand every issue intimately, can anyone?

    • Tom Naughton says:

      The farther from the people the government is, the less responsive government tends to be. So yes, I’d prefer more power for states and less for the feds. The federal government is also one-size-fits-all. State laws can vary depending on the preferences of the population in that state. As for the feds providing funds to states, why should citizens of Tennessee pay taxes to the federal government so the federal government can “give” the money back to Tennessee? Makes no sense.

      Pardon the slow reply. I don’t check the blog often since I’m not posting regularly.

  12. Kathy in OK says:

    You okay? An email bounced back and there was some bad weather in your area. this is the only place I know to contact you.

  13. Jason from Indiana says:


    Is the rumor that Jimmy Moore got arrested for 7 counts of penetration of a 13 year old girl? That’s extremely disturbing – I’m assuming he won’t be invited back to your disc golf outing this summer?

    P.S. I watched Fat Head the other day after not seeing it for several years, and it still holds up. Amazing documentary!

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I don’t know any more about Jimmy’s arrest than anyone else. It so happens I do know one guy who was arrested on sexual assault charges that turned out to be bogus (as confirmed by a security camera), so I’m not jumping to any conclusions.

  14. BIll says:

    Hi Tom,

    It’s been awhile. I recently watched Fat Head again and realized I should watch it at least once a year. I found your new blog space and glad for you. You sure hit the nail right on the head with your thoughts. I’ve been screaming the same since the Fauci first appeared and lied and then lied some more. The american people are getting bamboozled by the govt. Sad because most don’t even know it.
    Cheers Tom. Thanks for doing what you do.

  15. Patrick Cochran says:

    Any thoughts about doing a documentary on the absolute train wreck the “experts” have visited upon the whole world via COVID and the response to it?

  16. lian says:

    Hey tom do you still believe the LDL-p/Apo-b doesn’t drive atherosclerosis?

    Following Attia and Tom Dayspring I found it’s pretty uncontroversial

  17. John Lahore says:

    Tom, I have followed you since the movie and was sad when you stopped blogging.
    No idea if you would have any interest in or time to talk to me.
    I have a similarly controversial topic as portrayed in your Fathead documentary but in physics rather than health that I would like to make a video out of.
    I don’t seem to have any way to contact you since you turned off the messaging on X – Twitter.
    I too am employed as a programmer and do lots of other stuff.
    We moved out the (liberal) big city in 2020 and have a farm now with the usual animals and our own grass fed cows out the windows.
    I have been working on my physics theory-model since 1989 and have invested a lot of time trying to contact physicists on it. Many want me to write it up in their language of differential geometry and some just shut their minds off when they hear ether.
    None have said it was wrong or stupid.
    It is not a mathematical theory as all theories are now but a physical model and the only way I can see to “Write it up” is to portray it and explain it in video with lots of animation and narration.
    I have written it down with illustrations several times but it is long and not easy to understand in that format.
    Using my model I am able to derive all the equations of modern physics using just geometry and algebra.
    I would love to discuss the whys and wherefores of making a video on it with you, and the theory-model as well if you have any interest.

    John, you should have my email on the comment.

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