Given that Wee Goebbels is so threatened by logic and facts that he’ll suspend even those of us with a relatively small number of followers for daring to use logic and facts while arguing against The Narrative officially approved by The Party, I figure I should capture these tweets for posterity just in case.

Putting the text below:

1) Millions of unvaccinated bodies force the virus to select for vaccine-resistant mutations, which then become dominant.

2) Millions of vaccinated bodies force the virus to select for vaccine-resistant mutations, which then become dominant.

Only one makes (bio)logical sense.

#2 is exactly what Geert Vanden Bossche warned would be the result of VACCINATE EVERYONE! — as opposed to vaccinating only those at high risk.

He was, of course, censored by the (ahem) experts at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Wee Goebbels didn’t approve of his message.

But sure, good little lapdogs for The Party … blame the unvaccinated for a predictable result of the VACCINATE EVERYONE! campaign — because CNN and the other Official Party Media told you that’s what to believe, so it must be true. Don’t hurt your head thinking about it.


UPDATE:  Man, I wish Twitter had an edit feature.  A few people interpreted Only one makes (bio)logical sense to mean I was saying only choice 1) makes biological sense.  ARGH!!  No, I was of course saying only one of these two choices makes biological sense, but I should have made that more clear by phrasing it as Which makes (bio)logical sense?  My bad.


8 Responses to “Saving These Tweets Before Wee Goebbels Strikes”
  1. CNC says:

    Glad you are posting. Keep it up when you have time. Always a good read.

  2. Clint says:

    Tom, here is a good one!
    I got restricted on Facebook for saying Food Slut in response to someone who said Food Porn about a picture of a grossly humongously tall burger!
    Restricted for 24 hours because I bullied a hamburger!

  3. mark schwartz says:

    Actually both make sense and both are true. The virus will make more mutations of all types both resistant and non-resistant the more it replicates, period. Widespread infection will create more mutants than widespread vaccination which reduces replication overall. Your straw man argument is deliberately disingenuous when presented by a person presuming authority to the largely uneducated masses.
    Get vaccinated immediately. Get your third shot immediately. Anything less is dangerous malpractice.

  4. Christina says:

    Hey Tom,

    Love seeing your posts, I would love to hear you over on clubhouse sometime we need good logic like yours in the world of insanity at the moment.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      What’s clubhouse?

      Pardon the slow reply. Since I no longer blog regularly, I forget to check for comments most days.

  5. Jim says:

    Hmmmm. The 2,000+ Americans passing away from Covid daily would highly disagree with your wacko statements. So would the 4 people I knew personally who are dead, and another who is permanently disabled from a Covid stroke and several others I know with severe long term brain fog and other issues.

    Please, all of you….eat shit and die please.

    Jim C.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Goodness, you’re quite the moron, aren’t you? Let’s follow your (ahem) “logic”:

      People die from COVID, and therefore, all the mask mandates and vaccine mandates are good and justified, and people like you should eat shit and die.

      Okay … I realize you’re probably unaware of anything that hasn’t aired on CNN, but masks and vaccines don’t stop the spread. They never did, which is becoming more and more obvious with every week.

      So your argument makes as much sense and saying we should all be forced to wear garlic around our necks (which is what people did during the Spanish Flu, thinking garlic would ward off the virus). And because I don’t want people like you forcing me to wear garlic around my neck, I’m a bad person and should eat shit and die.

      Yup, you’re a moron — and no, I will never get along with morons who want to force their moronic “solutions” on me. So thanks for proving the point: all that’s necessary for us to get along is for people like you to leave people like me the hell alone … but you won’t. Because you’re morons.

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