If you haven’t been watching Bret Weinstein’s interviews about COVID, the vaccines, and the alternative treatments that are being quashed, I’d urge you to do so. Here’s a video of a doctor explaining that ivermectin has been demonstrated over and over to be highly effective against COVID — both as prevention and treatment, with virtually no nasty side effects.

This is the type of stuff that will get you labeled as a right-wing conspiracy theorist and booted from Big-Tech social media. That’s a ridiculous charge to level against Weinstein, because he’s been a true-blue liberal for his entire career. (If you recognize his name, it’s likely because of the time the woke crowd at Evergreen College threw themselves a spoiled-brat riot and chased him out of his teaching job after Weinstein refused to stay home on “white people stay home day.”)

Weinstein is also a true-blue scientist. He’s been all over the COVID/vaccine issue, and unlike many on the left, he’s far more interested in actual data than in adhering to The Party’s narrative. As he’s pointed out in a few videos, if ivermectin could have ended the (ahem) “pandemic” months ago — and the evidence says it could have done exactly that — then some very powerful people had an interest in keeping the panic going instead of solving the problem.

Big Pharma? Of course. But ask yourself who else has benefited from coronhysteria. It’s a long list.

Update to above: best get watching. Weinstein’s channel is likely to be removed by YouTube soon.

And remember: the Little Goebbels working at Big-Tech social media actually think they’re the good guys. (So did the real Goebbels.)

Aaaand now the video I linked earlier today is disabled.  I wrote quite a few posts about why The Anointed are opposed to free speech on the Fat Head blog. Here’s one example. It’s a shame we’ve come to this, and it won’t end well. You can read your history to learn how people who don’t have a voice eventually respond.

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  1. Peter says:

    Saw some of the graphs from India showing the issues rising when Ivermectin was banned in favor of the shots, then dropping again when the leaders allowed Ivermectin to be used again. No first-hand knowledge, but looks like the use of Ivermectin made huge positive differences over there, even with any variants that may have been involved.

    Sad that this has been buried so hard with the unofficial trials showing that it seems to be highly effective. :/

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Yup, and as Weinstein points out, since nobody can claim there’s any harm, the precautionary principle says if ivermectin MIGHT work, doctors should be allowed to try it … that is, after all, the rationale for masks mandates: we don’t know that they work, but gee, they just might. The logic flip-flopped when an off-patent drug could compete with patented vaccines.

  2. P. Jeffrey Ungar says:

    Un-American (at least according to the mythology) and certainly unscientific behavior, and yes, there is a very long list of those who benefit from using fear to cow the populace.

    Too many of these Little Goebbels call themselves “progressive”, so I removed the label from my twitter profile. Disgusting.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      The words “liberal” and “progressive” and have been hijacked by people whose behaviors and policies are neither liberal nor progressive.

  3. Bob Niland says:

    My recollection, from a time before I paid any attention to politics, was that during the 1920s, the label “communist” lost a lot of its market value, so the product was re-branded “progressive”. The product didn’t change.

    Separately, on the theme of the blog post, I’m sure you will have seen:

  4. Jim says:

    I see your page on Wiki-propaganda is gone, again, probably for good. I have seen lots of thought leaders and academics complain of exactly the same thing happening to them, or their works being trashed on the website.

    Last year, I sent an email ( and you replied) about Critical Theory, and how I thought that a lot of the activist censorship is coming from these ideologues. I’m fairly certain it is, given how widespread these people are now.

  5. Bret says:

    If this stuff was so false, the “cathedral” (as Michael Malice puts it) would not have to censor it. In my view the censoring lends it even more credibility than it commands on its own.

    BitChute.com is always my first stop when a video is banned from YT.

    15-minute version

    Full version

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Good point. Every time I hear about a video that was banned, I figure there’s probably some uncomfortable truths in there somewhere.

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