Welcome to my first post in a looooong time. As I explained when I retired the Fat Head blog, I’ve gone into semi-retirement mode (meaning I no longer work the equivalent of two jobs) and have no intention of returning to writing long posts two or three times per week. I was satisfied to make comments on Twitter.

The people I refer to as Little Goebbels on Twitter had other ideas. I’ve been in Twitter jail for more than month.  Little Goebbels informed me I was suspended for “spreading misinformation about COVID-19.” The “misinformation” tweet is below, along with Little Goebbels’ generous offer to appeal or delete the tweet.

My appeal was simple: I made five statements in that tweet. If I’m “spreading misinformation,” tell me which of the five points is false.

Despite assuring me “We’ll take a look and will respond as soon as possible,” more than a month went by. Apparently it takes a long time for Little Goebbels to re-read a tweet and say, Hey, wait a minute! All five statements are clearly true, so this can’t be misinformation!

But of course, all the Little Goebbels working at Big-Tech social media aren’t actually trying to stamp out misinformation. They’re simply acting as obedient lapdogs and silencing anyone who disagrees with The Party. They define “misinformation” as any message The Party doesn’t want people to hear.

Over the past year, they’ve de-platformed people for saying the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab, hydroxychloroquine can reduce COVID symptoms, and vitamin D can prevent COVID infection – all of which turned out to be true, yet all were labeled “misinformation” just a few months ago.

The Babylon Bee put it perfectly:

The only acceptable message is that the vaccines are completely wunnerful, wunnerful, they can’t possibly harm anyone, and everyone should get them. That’s what The Party wants, and Little Goebbels is nothing if not loyal to The Party.

The irony is that just a few years ago, I gave a speech explaining how social media was enabling the Wisdom of Crowds effect by bypassing the information gatekeepers and allowing us to share information with each directly. Turns out The Party and Little Goebbels aren’t big fans of The Marketplace of Ideas.

I’ve been hearing for years how awful it is that people who disagree politically are separating into their own worlds and not having discussions. Duh. “Progressives” clearly have no interest in discussions. To them, a “discussion” consists of “shut up and agree with us, or we’ll ban you.”

Since I’ll likely be banned again from Twitter for speaking truths The Ministry of Truth wants stifled, I’m resurrecting this blog as a place where I can speak my mind. They’ll be short posts, which I’ll likely update frequently … like my own little Twitter timeline.

I’ve also joined Gab (@TomDNaughton), but don’t spend much time there yet.  As far as I can tell, Gab is 100% libertarians and conservatives. That’s the predictable result of Little Goebbels running Big-Tech social media: those who are censored for disagreeing with The Party go elsewhere, and we separate into our own echo chambers. History says this won’t end well.

So, Twitter, here’s my appeal: never in history have the people who silence opposing ideas turned out to be the good guys – and you’re not going to be the first. You’re the bad guys. You’re just too @#$%ing stupid and too caught up in the True Believer mentality to realize it.

25 Responses to “Little Goebbels At Twitter Convinced Me To Blog Again”
  1. Jimmy McDuffee says:

    Oh so True Mr TOM. I have posted a good many vids by MDs on the same topic, so far no jail. I am up to 8-9 MDs who are very concerned about the shot. Why, all animals died in Sars 1 shot test trials. Not at first but when they came in contact with wild virus. Dr Lee Merit MD has great web site https://drleemerritt.com/ Dr Tenpenny MD is scary with her number predictions, Dr Peter McCullough MD is a great one, several other MDs spoke to the TX law makers on the topic. Suggest reading up on Antibody Dependent Enhancement. If it goes as Dr Tenpenny indicates the wheels will totally run off this fall.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      As Bret Weinstein has pointed out many times, even if the vaccines turn out to be safe, any good scientist (or journalist) should be in favor of the debate. Those who want to shut down debate rarely have the truth on their side.

      • J says:

        IF the vaccines turn out to be safe. It’s a big if, considering clinical trials require years of observation and research.

        Congrats on joining gab. It’ll probably feel weird at first being able to write your mind without holding back.

  2. Elenor says:

    Oh Tom Tom TOM!! Welcome back! SO happy to see whatever snippets of truth and info you feel moved to ‘speak’ as truth to unpower… (cause *I* sure don’t be feelin’ no power to fix the world)!!

    I’ll look for you over at Gab.com — it IS a free speech zone, which is sometimes uncomfortable — but anything that afflicts the comfortable seems worth considering!!

  3. Kathy in OK says:

    I’ve never had – nor wanted – a Twitter account. Now I know why.

    I’m so glad you’re back, if only part time.

    I’ve never heard of Gab. I’ll be checking it out, like some of the other alternative social media sites. Most of our family is all over Facebook and it makes my skin crawl when I see some of what they post. And I do follow a couple of private pages, but we all know they are only “private” in the sense that outsiders can’t post there. At least I hope we all know. Creepy.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I don’t expect I’ll have a Twitter account much longer. I’m planning a long thread that makes the same points I made in this post. That might just set Little Goebbels off.

  4. Lori Miller says:

    Glad to see you back, Tom. Ten years ago when people were fighting the lies and propaganda of low-fat diets, smaller, more manageable sites worked better than the Twitter madhouse, and they’re sure a lot harder to censor.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      That’s what I’m hoping. But Big Tech has demonstrated an ability to stick its tentacles where we wouldn’t expect to find them.

  5. Dave Turner says:

    Telegraph is another site to try, free of big brother…

  6. So I get to follow posts from Tom Naughton again! W00t!

    I still use Twitter, bur only as a write-only advertising site. I *never* read anything there, I just go for the backlinks, which are slowly becoming less effective. I found that reading Tweets was a lot like being stuck on an elevator with a bunch of people with severe autism. It didn’t occur to me that you were even still on Twitter, since you aren’t on the “spectrum.”

    • Tom Naughton says:

      I’m pissed at Little Goebbels for labeling a tweet listing five obviously-true statements as “misinformation,” but I have to admit, a month away from Twitter felt a bit like escaping the loony bin.

  7. 3Duranium says:

    I favorited this blog in case Twitter closes your account.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Thank you.

      • 3Duranium says:

        Not only you, but another person I follow on Twitter (who also lives in Tennessee) is experiencing censorship problems both on Twitter and Youtube (Doug TenNapel is his name BTW) due to expressing skepticism about covid and expressing conservative viewpoints. One thing he did is start a newsletter so that way if his accounts suddenly go under, people can still receive his letters via email. You could try doing that as another back-up.

        • Tom Naughton says:

          It’s a shame we have to think of backup options in case Little Goebbels decides people shouldn’t hear what we have to say. I don’t recognize my country anymore.

  8. Clint says:

    I am currently in Facebook jail for posting some facts I found about the vaccines!
    Yep, Facebook jail for 30 days because they didn’t approve of what I posted!

    • Tom Naughton says:

      Facebook has also banned groups that were formed by people who’ve suffered side effects from the vaccines. Little Goebbels doesn’t believe we should be talking about side effects.

  9. Derek says:

    Tom, your 5 points are anecdotal and unquantified and unqualified.

    Point 5 is simply an opinion, and an inflammatory one, based on the very anecdotal and unquantified and unqualified previous 4 statements.

  10. Derek says:

    1. Long term effects of the vaccines are unknown

    True. But they are showing to be extremely effective. And side effects are rare and minimal. The benefits far, far outweigh the negatives.

    2. There have been some severe short term reactions.

    True. But they are extremely rare. COVID itself is vastly more deadly and dangerous than the vaccine. VASTLY.

    3. Kids are nearly immune to COVID.

    Not sure what ‘nearly’ means here. They are not immune but are very resilient. Getting the vaccine will likely make them immune for many years to come and keep them from becoming spreaders.

    4. Fauci says kids should be vaccinated

    Generally true. He’s not saying every single kid HAS TO BE vaccinated immediately. It’s still a decision that can be made (by parents and doctors) that could have exceptions.

    5. We are putting kids at risk to protect adults.

    Inflammatory statement not supported by any of the previous facts.

    • Tom Naughton says:

      See below. If you’re arguing that kids should be vaccinated to “keep them from becoming spreaders,” remind me again: to protect whom, exactly? Since a whopping 300 or so kids have died “with” (not necessarily from) COVID — fewer than the number who die each year from ordinary flu — it can’t be to protect other kids from those dangerous, unvaccinated kids who are “spreaders.”

      So it’s to prevent those unvaccinated “spreaders” from infecting vulnerable adults, right? Which means my fifth point isn’t a mere anecdote or inflammatory opinion. In fact, it’s exactly the argument you just made: let’s vaccinate kids to protect adults, and never mind the risk to the kids.

      And by the way, simpleton, the best way for kids to become “immune for many years to come and keep them from becoming spreaders” is to allow them to be exposed so their immune system generates antibodies naturally. Unlike the vaccine, their own immune system doesn’t cause heart inflammation, blod clots, etc.

  11. Vicki Kleber says:

    Tom, glad to see you back online. As we currently are seeing a push towards medical apartheid, I no longer recognize my country either.

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